manoeuvres, manoeuvring, manoeuvred
1) VERB If you manoeuvre something into or out of an awkward position, you skilfully move it there.

[V n adv/prep] We attempted to manoeuvre the canoe closer to him...

[V way prep/adv] I manoeuvred my way among the tables to the back corner of the place...

The pilot instinctively maneuvered to avoid them.

Manoeuvre is also a noun.

...a ship capable of high speed and rapid manoeuvre.

2) VERB If you manoeuvre a situation, you change it in a clever and skilful way so that you can benefit from it.

[V n prep/adv] The authorities have to manoeuvre the markets into demanding a cut in interest rates...

[V n prep/adv] He brilliantly manoeuvred himself back to power...

He manoeuvres to foster recovery.

Derived words:
manoeuvring plural N-VAR

...his unrivalled skill in political manoeuvring.

...his manoeuvrings on the matter of free trade.

Manoeuvre is also a noun.

...manoeuvres to block the electoral process.

3) N-PLURAL Military manoeuvres are training exercises which involve the movement of soldiers and equipment over a large area.

Allied troops begin maneuvers tomorrow to show how quickly forces could be mobilized in case of a new invasion...

The camp was used for military manoeuvres.

4) room for manoeuvresee room

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